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Hello all! I teach middle school Gifted Research and one of my 8th grade students has chosen to do his research project on Gibson guitars. While I don't play, my father was freaking gifted and played music his entire life, so I know that this is most likely one of the best places to find people who may have some thoughts to share on this topic. :-) (My dad was a Fender man, btw - I'm not sure what he thought about Gibson.) Thank you!

EQ: What makes Gibson guitars stand out in the guitar industry so much?

1. What does the guitar industry look like today?

2. Why do Gibson guitars sound like they do?

3. Who are some of the celebrities that made Gibson famous?

And as background, here is his introduction:
I chose Gibson guitars because I play electric guitar and I’ve played Gibsons before and I know that they sound really good. I thought it would be interesting to learn to learn why they stand out so much. It is something that I won’t get bored researching, so I went with it.

I already know a little about the brand because I play guitar. I know that they sound amazing, and many famous guitarists play them, like Slash from Guns n Roses, Angus Young from ACDC, and Tom Scholz from Boston. Gibsons come in many styles, such as the Les Paul, Sg, and the Xplorer. They come in more colors than I can remember. They are a pioneer in the industry. Their latest work includes a self tuning robot guitar. I will enjoy learning even more about the famous brand.
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