tiredshaw (tiredshaw) wrote in guitargeeks,


I have a 1976 Fender Twin with orange JBL speakers. It sounds great, looks great, and is solid as a rock (and weighs a TON).

So here's the problem. I'm in a thrash band, and it's just not that great of a "fit". I feel guilty loading it in and out of disgusting nightclubs, risking people spitting beer at it, etc. I feel like it should be in a museum or something, or maybe a recording studio.

Should I sell it, and use the money to get like a JCM 800? A Laney? Sovtek? Something more appropriate? How much could I get?

I just don't want to make a regrettable decision. Once I sold an old Marshall MK II for $400 and have been kicking myself ever since.
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