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Lowering the Action, etc.

I'd like to get the action lowered on my Martin 000C-16GTE Premium. It sounds wimpy, but it's a beast to play and always has been (Is that a common complaint among Martins?). I had considered sellling it, but if I can get this fixed I'd really like to keep it.

1. I was told I could achieve this by having the nut and/or bridge piece filed down by a luthier. Is this true, and about how much would it cost?
2. I also need a new nut on my 1972 Harmony acoustic. The plastic nut that it currently has is off center by about a quarter of an inch (it's sticking out on one side). How much would this cost and should I ask for a nut of a specific material above another?

Also, I'm selling my 2005 '72 Telecaster Deluxe w/ case on e-bay if anyone is interested:
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